Remove and rebuild

Removing an existing home and rebuilding on the same site, allows you to get the home you imagined in the location you love!

Having a brand new home on the site that you love doesn’t have to be a dream. The reality is that it’s surprisingly affordable.

Why make do when you can enjoy new!

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The subdivide guide

Unlock the value of your land.

Love where you live but not the home you live in? If your home is on a large section, there’s a good change you could build a second home on the same site. You may also be able to relocate your old house and build several new ones.

GJ’s have local knowledge so we can confidently advise you on the subdivision potential of your section.

Don’t know where to start? If you’d like to have a chat to one of our team about your land and what’s possible, please contact us for an informal chat.